Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I posted this on my other blog, but since my Pinterest account is through my Jaborandi Grove name, I thought I should repost it here! These are my frugal projects as we are on a tight budget right now.

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First, for Valentine's Day, I made these cute butterfly cards for S's party at preschool. I skipped buying the googly eyes, so all I had to pay for were the suckers. I would have had to buy some kind of candy anyway, so that worked out well.

Then, I've really been wanting to make a menu board I had pinned, and the only thing I needed was a frame. I found a mirror on clearance at Target for $5 that would work perfectly, and the price was right to move forward with completing this project. I did end up having to buy the gingham paper for the edging to cover up the mirror since the size was off. But the paper was on sale and only $0.30.

I used a suggestion from the comments on the original pin, and put velcro on the backs of the clothespins. I decided to color code our recipes with red for beef, blue for fish, orange for pork, yellow for chicken and green for vegetarian main dishes. I usually make one of each every week with a pizza day and a leftover day thrown in.

I customized it to include sides, too, since some of our favorites (mushroom barleyedamame salad) are more complicated and require more ingredients to prepare for. I color coded those as well - yellow for starches, green for veggies. I try to have one starch and two vegetables with dinner.

I love how it turned out, but I do need to find some more recipes to include!

Finally, DH had bought a generic brand of Tide the last trip to Costco in an effort to save money, so I decided to try making some laundry soap since I'd found a recipe that was supposed to be $20 for 9 months of soap. I've used it a few times, and so far, no complaints! Our youngest has very sensitive skin, so hoping it all works well. Just did a load of sheets, so we'll see if there's anything to report.

What have you pinned to your "I Did It!" board lately? Check out mine to see the original pins for these projects.

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