Sunday, May 6, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Wow, I knew I was slacking writing over here, but sheesh! I didn't post at all in April? Sorry, guys!

I've been finishing up these 50th wedding anniversary invitations as of late. So fun to work on something like that. Makes you think about how amazing it would be to reach that kind of milestone. My husband and I were a little older when we got married, so not sure we'll still be around for that. But it's a great goal to set our sights on anyway.

Things were going well on these babies until Friday when there was a bit of a mishap at the office and my boss accidentally closed his office door on my fingers. Ouch! (Serves me right for having them by the hinge in the first place.) But after a couple of days without using the Xacto, I'm back on track. Hope to wrap them up tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.