Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Creative Process

Sometimes you start on a project and go with what you know only to discover you've tripped down an unintended path. I had to share this funny moment with you all.

I have a client who saw my recent product of a Bible verse posted here on my Facebook samples page, and requested that I do one for her nephew and his soon-to-be-bride as a wedding gift. Based on the green kitchen towel on their registry and her knowledge of the living room having white walls with light brown carpet, she decided she'd like the plaque to be green, so it would be able to go in either the living room or kitchen. I put this together for her to review:

And this was her reply:
It's funny, but although I liked the plaque when I first looked at it, thinking only that I might want the background just a bit lighter & the words just a bit darker, plus maybe some watermarks like the crosses you put on [the other Bible verse] plaque, I looked at it again just now & had a strange impression. The plaque looks almost like a dinner plate, which is okay for displaying in the kitchen, but then the Bible verse makes it kind of funny. If it's a dinner plate, then "we will serve the Lord" takes on an unintended meaning! 

Ha ha! Back to the drawing board.

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