Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspiration Source: Pinterest

I'm inspired by so many things every day, I can't keep up with all the thoughts and ideas I have. I try to write things down when I can, like I did with the "Chiefs" example I showed on my creative process post. But my favorite new way to keep track of things is Pinterest.

When I first heard about it, all I could think was, "Another social media time suck like Facebook and Twitter - I can't join, I can't - be strong!" But everyone kept telling me how much it would help with my blogs and with my design ideas and this and that. I finally caved to the pressure. And it was just as amazing as I knew it would be. Happy sighs...

It was also a horrific time suck in the beginning. But just like FB and Twitter, once I got over my initial obsession (ok, fine, I'm not over it yet, but I'm getting there), I was able to use it effectively. Then I hit that wall where the amount of time I spent thinking was in great disproportion to the amount that I spent generating actual productivity.

In one of those perfect timing moments, I saw a tweet from @Pinterest recommending the monthly linkup on Simple Organic for everyone's Pinterest projects. Basically people take those fabulous Pinterest boards where we post things we want to do "someday" and actually do them. And then show it. It was just the kick start I needed.

So here's my post that I'll link up at the end of the month. I saw this:


Which I pinned because I liked the idea of using a license plate theme for letters. So here's what I came up with for a design:

I think it turned out really cute. I set this one up as a newborn one with the birthdate on the expiration tag. What about you? Have you fallen in love with Pinterest yet? Join the project challenge and link up! Simple Organic's From Pinterest to Real Life


  1. I was definitely spending a little too much time on Pinterest at the beginning too...and I love having a little extra push to actually do things I pin and linking up at Simple Organic.

  2. Love seeing how you used Pinterest to find inspiration for your own unique design! Very cool twist on our linky and thanks for linking up!


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