Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Drama

I know that I need to add more photos to my Etsy shop. So I've been trying to work on my skillz. I found a tutorial on Pinterest that helped that I wrote about here, but my table/window combo only works in the early afternoon. And when I have an 8am-9am block of time when the munchkins are gone, I need to take advantage of it. So I have spent the last hour getting more and more frustrated. I've looked over the Etsy suggested readings for photo tips, I've adjusted my propping, set the camera to macro, fixed my white balance, etc. When I look at the screen, the image is perfect. Then as soon as I click the button, it refocuses, and I end up with this:

There's not enough Photoshop techniques in the world to fix these. I called my good friend at NOTES {by redletter design studio} and she suggested maybe I was too close and to back up and zoom in. So I did. And got this:

Sigh. She said it's probably a setting somewhere. I'm sure it must be. Earlier this week I took this photo of Baby R's birthday cake that S decorated:

Far from a beautiful product, and terrible lighting, but in focus.

Out of desperation, I tried doing a video:

It's better, but I couldn't figure out how to extract a photo.

I can't find my manual, so I will be hunting for it online today. Wish me luck!


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